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Matt Porter on Mar 19th, 2010App “Reviews” for Pay

Gruber: Brian X. Chen: The two sites that were most frequently mentioned by programmers who contacted Wired.com were TheiPhoneAppReview.com and AppCraver.com. Both sites appear in the top four Google search results for the search term “iPhone app review.” Is Googlebombing still a thing? If so, I can think of a few better phrases to associate […]

Matt Porter on Mar 10th, 2010Kindle, Copy and Bibliopiratical Machinations

It sure would be nice if there were a “copy” option on Amazon’s Kindle iPhone app. That would make it much easier to do something like run a quick Gooogle or Wikipedia search, the kind of thing that would add real value to reading a book on an Internet-enabled device. My beloved Stanza app — now […]

Matt Porter on Jan 13th, 2009Keep Apple Out of the Publishing Business – Use Stanza

With the iPhone and the App Store, Apple has introduced not only an excellent device for reading, but also a powerful new distribution channel for writers and publishers. However, this combination gives Apple a lot of power, and they may be exercising that power to make decisions they have no business making: decisions about what […]