posted by on Mar 10th, 2010Kindle, Copy and Bibliopiratical Machinations

Kindle App - No Copy

It sure would be nice if there were a “copy” option on Amazon’s Kindle iPhone¬†app. That would make it much easier to do something like run a quick Gooogle or Wikipedia search, the kind of thing that would add real value to reading a book on an Internet-enabled device.

My beloved Stanza app — now also owned by Amazon — allows copying (if a bit awkwardly), so clearly there is no technical reason why it is missing from the Kindle.

I strongly suspect that this a move intended to placate publishers worried that the Kindle app could become an open door to copyright infringement. And who can blame them? If a reader could copy text from the Kindle app he might be tempted to copy a passage from a book, paste it into the iPhone Notes app, then repeat that painful process some ten thousand times until he has the entire book in Notes and can email it to a friend. Instead of, let’s see, maybe telling his tightwad friend to go to and spend $9.99 on his own damn copy of the book.

Stanza - Copy!

Too bad for Amazon I’ve discovered a hole in their defenses. Thanks to the iPhone’s screenshot capabilities, it’s possible to make a readable copy of any Kindle book and import it into iPhoto. Screen by tiny screen. Meet me here in about two and a half years and maybe I’ll hook you up with an awesome bootleg of Tuesdays with Morrie.

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