posted by on Sep 2nd, 2009A New World for Japan?

Back in the mists of time I ran TETSUJIN.ORG as a blog for news about Japanese culture, entertainment and politics. Its recent revival has a different focus, but maybe if there had been more weeks like this I’d have stuck with the Japan angle.

The big recent event:

The Liberal Democratic Party was voted out of power. This is the party that has ruled Japan since 1955; in the past 54 years the has controlled the Japanese government continuously except for a period of less than one year in the early 1990s. The LDP lost to the opposition Democratic Party of Japan, whose leader Yukio Hatoyama is likely to become the country’s next Prime Minister.

The icing on the cake:

Mr. Hatoyama has been known by the nickname “The Alien.”

Mr. Hatoyama’s wife, Miyuki Hatoyama, reportedly claims to have taken a ride to Venus in a UFO.

I don’t have much to add to that, so I’ll just bask in the wonderment. I’d love to make this stuff up, but the world beats me to it. And since it involves the junction of global politics and alien encounters, I’m sure David Icke will be all over this story to show us how the evil reptiles are involved.

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